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Awkward Moment

The Bible says that husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the Church, (Ephesians 5:28).  That is a sacrificial love.  Husbands must give of themselves sacrifice their comfort and pride at times.  Tonight was such a night for me.  It began with a request.

“Honey, could you go to Hy-Vee (our local grocery store) for me?”

“Sure, I said, what do you need?”

“I’ll write you a list.”


I grab the list… milk ok, tortilla chips all right, guacamole… she must be having a definite Mexican craving.  I look further in larger letters and underlined is products that every man dreads.  Feminine hygiene products… that time of the month, and she needs me to pick up the supplies.  “I can do this,” I thought to myself as I felt sweat bead up on my forehead.  Having done this before in almost fifteen years of marriage I felt pretty confident in my feminine hygiene product shopping ability.  The key to success is to find the product quickly and be nonchalant about it.  Get in and out no fuss, no muss.

I find the appropriate aisle find the appropriate and locate the appropriate brand and then the stuff of nightmares came true… I couldn’t find the right type.  I’m looking all over, checking different brands… staring at what seemed to me to be the bane of my existence.  One guy passes by and gives me a “dude what are you doing?” look.  A minute or two passes I still frantically search – who needs blasted wings for anyway?  What is she going to do?  Fly?

I finally gave up pulled out my cell phone to call my bride.  I have to call three times before somebody answers… meanwhile a couple of ladies pass me by and gave me a “you sucker” look.

She finally picked up, and I told her my dilemma.  “Are you sure?” she asked.  “Um… yes.”  She asked me to look at a different brand, and I said, “but it doesn’t have wings… I told you that already.”  A couple passes me by and the guy gave me, “I am glad it isn’t me look.”  I am looking at long, regular, extra thin, overnight…. and finally come away with an acceptable alternative.  Mission accomplished!

I love my wife!

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