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1.  Just incase you haven’t had enough already… another political ad asking questions about Senator Barack Obama.

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2.  Because I didn’t do any political items in the last edition of Twenty Items of Interest.  I present to you… the many faces of Hillary Clinton.

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I hope you enjoyed this picture as much as I did.  Ahem, moving along…

3.  I discovered, thanks to Brent Thomas, a blog called Stuff Christians Like.  It is a strange mix of the serious and the humorous.  One serious blog post is on “Lying because I love you”  He said many Christians do it, but if we are to be honest with ourselves we lie to protect ourselves not the other person involved.  The non-serious post is “turning ushers into the Secret Service” it made me laugh out loud.

4. Brooke Bouma blogged about Einstein videos – are they bad or not?  I think every once in awhile they are fine, but I swear it seems like some people raise their kids on these things.  So the end result will likely be a bunch of people with like two-second attention spans (ok I’m exaggerating).  Seriously though, have you noticed that the number of cases of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) increased with the number of children’s TV shows increasing?  Do we not think there is some correlation?

5.  it drives me nuts when people don’t use caps in e-mails and blogs.  like it is some hip, cool postmodern thing to do.  what do you think?  use caps or not?  is it really that burdensome to use caps?  are they too sexy for capitalization?  are we afraid that we will pull a pinkie to reach over and press that shift key?  the chicago tribune talks about using caps versus not using caps.

it is a pet peeve of mine along with the e-mails i get THAT ARE IN ALL CAPS LIKE THAT PERSON IS SCREAMING AT ME, but i digress.

6.  A dad has been jailed for six months for daughter (now 19) skipping school and not graduating.  A judge ordered her father to be responsible for her education when she was 17.  Apparently he will be in jail until she passes her G.E.D. which apparently she is unable to do.  Crazy… while I think parents need to be held accountable when the kids are younger –  I think a 17-year-old needs to take responsibility for her actions.  My thoughts are why are we, as taxpayers, footing the bill for a kid’s education when that kid clearly has no desire or motivation to be there?  That is why I am, in principle, against raising the compulsory age of education to 18.  (Source: Alisyn Camerota)

7.  Hey NEWS flash!!!!!!  Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons are vastly different than born-again Christians!  Duh.  Somebody actually paid to have this survey done?

8.  Bible names top the list for newborn boys.  Names like… Jacob, Michael, Joshua, and Matthew were the favorites.  I think that is awesome.  My wife and I have been kicking around having a fourth child, and I think if we do and the baby is a boy we should name him Nimrod, a great Biblical name.  We like being different.  I also think that Ham is a good name.  I am also partial to Riphatgh, Togarmah, Dodanim and Methuselah.

9.  Apparently there is a Jedi Church, and Darth Vader was spared jail time for attacking its founder.  To my readers from Great Britain… I thought the U.S. religious scene could be pretty weird, but I have to say this is one of the strangest things I’ve seen in some time.  May the force be with you!

10.  One of our mentors, Darin Wogen, shared his testimony at our banquet last week.  He did an awesome job!

11.  My friend Eric is concerned about Evangelicals who seem to be grasping for political influence and power.  Particularly with the Evangelical Climate Initiative and their seemingly quick embrace of the global warming rhetoric.   I won’t use the word he used for these Evangelicals actions because I try to keep my blog family friendly ;).

12.  I encourage you to read Out of Ur’s commentary on the Evangelical Manifesto.  Richard Land shares why he didn’t sign it.

13.  John Edwards endorses Barack Obama… gee I’m shocked (please read sarcasm)!  You can read a first hand account of this earth-shattering news at One Mom’s blog.  Why exactly is Hillary Clinton still in this?

14.  Bob Barr announces his candidacy for President of the United States on the Libertarian ticket.  He is taking an anti-Iraq stance.  This may slow a flow of conservatives who don’t want to vote for McCain from going to him, but may garner support for Blue Dog Democrats who are against the war.

HT: Kevin Tracy

15.  Pistol Pete blogs on mysterious love letters found that could possibly be between Judas and Mary Magdalene.  It made me laugh out loud.

16.  I love this cartoon… Appreciation by David Hayward

17.  Interesting post by Velvet Hammer about the connection between Nazism and Islam.

18.  It’s official… Californians no longer live in a democracy, but an oligarchy.

19.  This commercial reminds me of when my son was born.  The nurse took him over to clean him up and while he on the table she had to jump to miss this nice arch of pee.  Yep… that’s my boy.  This kid has a great future putting out campfires.

HT: Joe Carter

20.  Brian McLaren’s non-sequitur.

McLaren answers a question about truth:

Obviously that’s a challenge. The flip side of that question is look at the Catholic Church: For all of its orthodoxy, it could have bishops covering up for molesting priests. And evangelicals, for all their claims of orthodoxy, can be barbaric to gay people and can blindly support a rush to war in Iraq and can be, as we speak, fomenting for war with Iran. … Obviously, I have a lot of critics and they often say, ‘You’re wanting to water down the Gospel to accommodate to post-modernity.’ I say, ‘No, I really don’t want to do that. But what I do want to do is acknowledge first the ways we’ve already watered down the Gospel to accommodate modernity.’ … I think the naivete of some of those critics is that they’re starting with a pure pristine understanding of the Gospel. It seems to me we’re all in danger of screwing up.

Melinda at Stand to Reason points out that a common mistake that emergent types tend to make regarding absolute truth – that it is taken to mean that we are infallible in our knowledge of the truth.  That isn’t what it means though.  Absolute defines the truth, not our knowledge.  She suggests that we should refer to absolute truth (which Josh McDowell defines as “something that is true for all people, in all places, at all times.”) as objective truth.

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Liveblogging: 9:13 PM

Just got back from my caucus (actually after a diversion to McDonald’s).  In Pleasant Hill Precinct 2:

1. Huckabee – 76  2. Romney – 23  3. Paul – 20  4. Thompson – 18  5. McCain – 6  6. Giuliani – 3  7. Keyes – 1  8. Hunter – 0

ABC and AP has already declared Mike Huckabee the winner for the GOP.

Barack Obama won the Democratic Caucus with over 37%.

9:17 PM – John Edwards is claiming winning 2nd place for the Democrats.  May be too early for that.

9:19PM – Edwards still blabbering on.  I checked WOI-TV 5 (ABC) results as of right now (see below – I’ll keep them updated).

9:31 PM – Hillary sooooo uninspiring.  Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) giving kudos on Fox News with Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes to Huckabee supporters’ loyalty.

Grassley – “Iowa is important because Iowa gives presidential candidates the ability to get started without having millions in the bank.”

Chris Dodd just dropped out of the race.  Buh Bye!

9:37 PM – Mike Huckabee – “I’m not sure I could ever love a state more than I love my home state of Arkansas, but tonight I love Iowa a whole lot.”

9:40 PM – Huckabee – we learned tonight that “people are more important than the purse.”  Pundits are scratching their heads, Hugh Hewitt is crying.

9:44 PM – Huckabee – “What is happening tonight in Iowa is going to start a prairie fire of new hope and zeal.”

9:48 PM – Sean Hannity, Lt. Gov. Ron Steele (R-MD) & Kirsten Powers – may come down to likeability which is likely why Huckabee and Obama won.

9:50 PM – Huckabee and Obama going to get hit like they have never been hit before (Kirsten Powers)  How in the world could they hit Huckabee more?

9:54 PM – Edwards and Clinton are in a virtual tie in delegate equivalents.

9:56 PM – Huckabee campaign saying they have a great ground game in New Hampshire, first time they have ever said anything like that Bill Hemmer reports.  He said, “they clearly have momentum going into New Hampshire.”

10:03 PM – Shephard Smith & Greta Van Susteren talking about the Ophra factor.  Obama coming out to speak.

10:05 PM – Obama – “You have done what the state of New Hampshire can do in five days, and what America can do in this new year.”

10:06 PM – Obama – “We are one nation, one people and our time for change has come.”  Talking up a unity theme.  “We are choosing hope over fear, choosing unity over division and sending a powerful message that change is coming to America.”

10:08 PM – Obama – I’ll be the president who will make healthcare affordable, give you a chicken in every pot, “end the tyranny of oil.”  End war in Iraq.  Yada Yada.

10:12 PM – Senator Joe Biden drops out – bye bye!

10:15 PM – You know think what you will about Senator Obama, but he is a brilliant speaker and has run an excellent campaign.  “Hope is what led me here today.”  “Hope is the bedrock of our nation… our destiny won’t be written for us, but by us.”

If I were Democrat and liberal… he would have my vote.  He does a very good job personalizing his message.

10:18 PM – Laura Ingraham and Susan Estrich in the same room together sitting next to one another.  Ingraham said Republicans are in trouble with Obama.  Wow.  I’m getting revved up for a potential Huckabee and Obama race.  Got goosebumps thinking about it.

10:22 PM – Susan Estrich – If Romney doesn’t win New Hampshire as a Massachusetts governor  he’s done.

It’s the economy stupid.. both Obama and Huckabee seem to get that.

10:27 PM – Major Garrett – said Edwards is like “I won tonight because I beat Hillary Clinton.”  Clinton is in bad shape right now.

10:33 PM – Huckabee up for an interview:

“It has been a great night for, but it also has been a great night for this country.”  A lot of anxiety in the middle class.  Governors have the experience to address the economic challenges that our country faces.

10:38 PM – Huckabee – “The fact we didn’t have a lot of cash on hand meant we had to be frugal so we had to something the federal government should do – only spend money that they have.”   So fundraising has increased, and they have cash on hand.  They will likely see a surge in fundraising after this win.

10:44 PM – Ingraham – like where is Giuliani?  Either this will be a ingenious strategy or the dumbest political move ever.  Well I’m going to end this for tonight.

GOP Results – 100% Precincts Reporting (Updated – 1/5/08)

  1. Mike Huckabee – 34.41%  (74 counties)
  2. Mitt Romney – 25.23%  (24 counties)
  3. Fred Thompson – 13.40%
  4. John McCain – 13.11%
  5. Ron Paul – 9.95%  (1 county)
  6. Rudy Giuliani – 3.45%
  7. Duncan Hunter – 0.44%
  8. Tom Tancredo – 0.004% (apparently some people forgot he dropped out.)

DNC Results – 100% Precincts Reporting

  1. Barack Obama – 38%
  2. John Edwards – 30%
  3. Hillary Clinton – 29%
  4. Bill Richardson – 2%
  5. Joe Biden – 1%
  6. Chris Dodd – 0.1%

Update – 1/4/08 4:03 PM: Interesting to see entrance polls from CNN.

With Huckabee:

  • He won the most men (29%) and women (40%)
  • Led among all voters regardless of their views of on the events in Pakistan.
  • Won 46% of voters who consider themselves born-again Christians, Romney, won 33% of those who claim not to be.
  • Huckabee won all those who were ethusiastic (38%), Satisfied (34%), and dissatisfied (31%) with Bush.  Ron Paul naturally won those who were angry at Bush (54%).
  • Won all regions in Iowa.
  • One in all income brackets, with the exception of those who made $100,000 or more (Romney won bracket).
  • Whether the top issue was illegal immigration, war in Iraq, economy, or terrorism – Huckabee won among each group.
  • Top candidate qualities – “say what he believes” (33%), “shares my values” (44%).
  • He won the suburban and rural vote, came in second in urban vote.
  • He had the most long-term loyalty.
  • He won every age group.



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