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According to Dr. Gilbert Omenn, professor of Internal Medicine, Human Genetics, and Public Health at the University of Michigan

“The logic that convinces us that evolution is a fact is the same logic we use to say smoking is hazardous to your health or we have serious energy policy issues because of global warming.  I would worry that a president who didn’t believe in the evolution arguments wouldn’t believe in those other arguments either. This is a way of leading our country to ruin.”

Puh please!  The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!  Dr. Omenn is demonstrating intellectual bigotry.  If you say you don’t agree, you are stupid.  He makes a great leap when he says that evolution uses the same logic when we look at the effects of smoking for instance.  He is comparing apples to oranges – you can see cause and effect, there is tangible research done on the effects of smoking.  Global warming is another area where intellectual bigotry comes out.  The verdicts still out on that.  There is reasonable scientific dissent to evolution as well.

But is seems to be much easier to simply indoctrinate people and play Chicken Little.

Source: Christian Post

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