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Literally… I had a little adventure on Saturday.  SOY had it’s 2nd annual Family Fun Day in Pella at the Vermeer Pavilion.  I had the kids with me since Cheryl had to work.  They had fun while I ran the skeeball game for kids and also took some video.  It was a good day.  Throughout the day the temperature had dropped making the roads very slick.

I didn’t find that out until it was too late.  We were heading back to Pleasant Hill (35 minutes away from Pella, IA), and the roads seemed fine until about seven miles into our trip there was a section of road that had blown snow on it.  It was also completely ice covered.  I didn’t know that until my car slid, did a 360 and was off the road.  I didn’t have any time to react to what was happening.  When we hit the ditch, which was filled with snow, the bottom of the car slowed while the top half of the car was going 65 mph – so we rolled and stopped inverted.

We were all fine.  We got our seat belts unbuckled, dropped down and climbed out of the vehicle.  I praise God that we all walked away from it unharmed.  My car has been deemed a total loss, mainly due to its age I think.

I thank God for the snow that was in the ditch which softened our impact – it could have been far worse.  I also thank God for those who stopped to give us a hand, the DOT guy who called EMS, the Miller Lite distributor who helped my kids and I out of the car, the nice lady who let us warm up in the SUV.  We also praise God that SOY’s executive director and his wife left later than we did and were able to give us a ride home.

Anyway, interesting weekend.  Please pray that we find a good replacement car.  This morning when I stopped by the salvage yard to get my license plates and personal effects I shot some video so you could see the damage.

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