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Janet Green over at DMWebLife.com tagged me to participate in a meme called “7 Things You Never Knew About Me.”  I supposed to share some things about myself that perhaps you were not aware of and then invite a couple of other people to participate.  I’m sure that you are sitting at the edge of your seat in suspense.

1.  I absolutely hate, I mean hate movie musicals.  Only my wife really knows the depth of my dislike of musicals.  On stage, live they are fine.  Movies no way.  Can’t stand them.  The fact that people burst into song in unlikely places just annoys me.

2.  I am a twin.  People who know me well in person know this, but I assume the average reader of this blog does not know that.  Yes there is another person that looks like me running around the Des Moines area.  He used to work for Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources so I used to call him the professional tree hugger in the family.  I used to tire of questions like, “what’s it like being a twin?”  I don’t know what is like not being one?  We are identical, not fraternal.  We don’t look exactly alike anymore, but you can definitely see a family resemblance.  There is no denying that he is my brother.

3.  When I was courting my wife, Cheryl I sung an Italian song called “Vittoria, Vittoria” that I learned when I was participating in the Iowa State Vocal Solo competition as a freshman in high school.  It stuck in my mind.  It was in Italian so it must be romantic right?  Who cares if I didn’t know what it meant!  She was awed by my serenade and knew that I was the man of her dreams.  Ok, not quite like that, but she did like my voice.

4.  Cheryl also thought I was a jerk when we first met at Drake (her freshman year, my sophomore year).  She knew my room mate, and came by to see him.  That weekend I was my drill weekend for the Iowa National Guard and didn’t get much sleep so I was kind of grouchy so I’m sure I seemed like a jerk.  Keeping the tradition of Vander Hart men, I grew on her.

5.  When I was a senior in high school I asked a total of 11 girls to the homecoming dance.  I finally got a taker.  It was pretty sad when word got circulated around how many I had asked.  I think the 11th felt sorry for me and said yes.  It wasn’t one of my brighter moments.  I should have kept my pride and went stag or miss it altogether.

6.  I used to have my left ear pierced, it was done on two separate occasions.  When I was 17 I wanted one and my Mom and Dad actually made me sit down and write out a list of pros and cons before getting it done.  Back in the day (1989) there were not too many guys running around with earrings.  I  got it pierced and it closed shut when I was in basic training.  I had it re-pierced when I was a freshman in college and kept it for a year before deciding that it wouldn’t look that great when going on job interviews.  My Mom especially loved the dangling ones I wore.

7.  My first car was a 1973 Pontiac Grand Am which I bought from my uncle for $1.  It was a big boat of a car which the girls really dug.  That car likely saved my life when my brother and I were driving to Camp Dodge (Iowa Army National Guard base) for our weekend drill after an ice storm.  I was driving on Lower Beaver Ave. in Des Moines, almost to Beaver Ave. when I lost control of the car going down the hill there.  We spun off the road and slammed my side of the car into the utility pole.  My legs were pinned between the door and the transmission (that was on the floor of that model).  Once helped out by EMS I walked away with just an aching body from the jarring effect and a cut on my left hand from the glass that was blown in.  If I were driving a smaller car I probably would have been killed or at the very least, seriously injured.  As a side note I had a car accident on Saturday which I’ll blog about later.

I’m tagging four bloggers to participate here – Eric, Jake Bouma, Noah Braymen, and Foxfier to participate.  Just be sure to link to this post so we can read what you wrote.

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