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Just an update.  I am now switched over… have posts moved, etc. to the new location.  I have a little clean up to do, but pretty much up and running.


If you subscribe to this blog using the Feedburner feed it should be a seemless transition.  If you subscribed using the other feed, you’ll have to re-subscribe using the Feedburner feed.

If you have blogged rolled me, please link to http://www.caffeinatedthoughts.com.  Thanks!

The should be the last post I do here… famous last words, LOL.

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It’s Coming

Caffeinated Thoughts 2.0 with its own domain name – http://www.caffeinatedthoughts.com.  Improved pages, theme, widgets and podcast delivery.  I also plan on adding a contributor or two.

If you subscribe using my Feedburner feed, never fear – it will follow (as will the podcast feed by Feedburner).  If you subscribe using the current wordpress feed, I’d encourage you to subscribe using Feedburner.

If you link here, I’d appreciate it if in a week or so you’d update your blogroll.  I’ll post again when everything’s online.

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Looking to build up your library?  Tim Challies is doing a book giveaway on his blog.  This giveaway is sponsored by Reformation Heritage Books which publishes and distributes Puritan and Reformed books.

3rd prize: the Profiles in Reformed Spirituality series
Profiles in Reformed Spirituality is a series of books designed to introduce the spirituality and piety of the Reformed tradition by presenting descriptions of the lives of particular Christians with selected passages from their works. This combination of biographical sketch and collected portions from primary sources gives a taste of the treated person’s contribution to our spiritual heritage and some direction as to how the reader can find further edification through works of those people treated in this series. Under the guidance of series editors Joel R. Beeke and Michael A. G. Haykin, Profiles in Reformed Spirituality promises to provide a valuable primer to our rich Reformed heritage. The 3rd prize winner will receive all four current title available in this series:

  • A Consuming Fire: The Piety of Alexander Whyte of Free St. George’s
  • A Sweet Flame: Piety in the Letters of Jonathan Edwards
  • Dedicated to the Service of the Temple: Piety, Persecution, and Ministry in the Writings of Hercules Collins
  • Christ Is All: The Piety of Horatius Bonar

2nd prize: Soli Deo Gloria selections
Soli Deo Gloria Publications has done more to bring Puritan writings back in to print than any other organization. Now under the direction of Reformation Heritage Books, SDG will continue to make these gems from the past an enduring supply of gospel ministry for generations to come. The 2nd prize winner will receive the following Soli Deo Gloria titles:

  • Freedom of the Will, by Jonathan Edwards
  • Excellency of a Gracious Spirit, by Jeremiah Burroughs
  • Keeping the Heart, by John Flavel
  • Parable of the Ten Virgins, by Thomas Shephard
  • Plus the books in the 3rd prize package

1st prize: new and bestselling RHB titles
The 1st prize winner will receive some of RHB’s new and bestselling titles:

  • God with Us: Knowing the Mystery of Who Jesus Is, by Daniel R. Hyde. Here is a captivating introduction to who Jesus really is. Admirably displaying his pastoral gifts, Daniel R. Hyde winsomely relates the orthodox doctrine of the person of Christ to the people in the pew. The book is well grounded in Scripture, historically informative, and doctrinally precise. You will walk away from this book understanding the necessity of Jesus’ two natures for our salvation, and praising God for all that He is for us in the glorious person of Christ.
  • Reformation Heroes: An Illustrated Overview, by Diana Kleyn and Joel R. Beeke. With this beautifully illustrated book, families will enjoy learning about the people God used to bring about the Protestant Reformation. This book is written at a level for older children and teenagers, but is equally enjoyable for adults. Its attractive 11” x 8.5” coffee table book format makes it a great gift, while the content is useful enough for a history text.
  • Meet the Puritans: with a Guide to Modern Reprints, by Joel R. Beeke and Randall J. Pederson. Meet the Puritans provides a biographical and theological introduction to the Puritans whose works have been reprinted in the last fifty years, and also gives helpful summaries and insightful analyses of those reprinted works. It contains nearly 150 biographical entries, and nearly 700 summaries of reprinted works. If you have wanted to start reading the Puritans but do not know where to begin, this is the resource for you.
  • Plus the books in the 2nd and 3rd prize packages

To enter this contest, click the picture below or click here.

April Giveaway

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Darren Rowse unofficially declared April 14th, Blogger Appreciation Day (HT: Ange Recchia).  I’ve been blogging since August, 2006 and have greatly benefited from several blogs.  I’d like to name them here and encourage you to visit them if you have the chance (FYI – this list is not exhaustive).

  • I have always appreciated my friend Eric’s insight over at Evangelicals Anonymous.  He was one of the first blogs I started reading on a regular basis.
  • Sam Rainer at Church Forward has some great thought-provoking posts on the life and ministry.
  • I appreciate the encouragement that my new friend Isaiah from Singapore has given me in my blogging.  I’ve enjoyed reading his blog Joie de Vivre.  His passion for Christ is inspiring.
  • I appreciate the insight into Iowa Politics that Matt Riesetter has.
  • Velvethammer keeps liberals honest at Ironic Surrealism II.  She also has an excellent blog, Scarlett Crusader, devoted to religious persecution that I’ve highlighted posts from time to time.
  • My friend, and one of my Bible discussion group leaders, Randy Holl has an excellent blog.  He doesn’t post that much, but when he does it is a must read.
  • Kevin Tracy was one of my favorite Huckabee bloggers.  Even though I think you are nuts for supporting Barack Obama over John McCain (his is an anti-McCain vote, not a pro-Obama one), I appreciate your political insight.  Update: I need to make a correction, Kevin Tracy is now supporting Bob Barr for president.  Kevin, my apologies.
  • Nuke was a great Huckabee blogger, but also has keen political insight.  A great voice for the conservative position.
  • Society is a faithful commenter here and I appreciate the perspective he brings.  I enjoy the debate and his comments have helped stretch me and hopefully be more articulate in defending my faith.
  • Jungle Mom at The Jungle Hut – I enjoyed her perspective as a missionary in Venezuela and her Saturday morning cartoons always make me laugh out loud.
  • I appreciate Truth or Consequences for their defense of the Christian faith.
  • Meredith at In Progress (I like the name change by the way) for her transparency.
  • Foxfier has an awesome blog at Head Noises and I’ve enjoyed highlighting some of her posts.
  • Greg Stier has some awesome posts on youth ministry, evangelism and apologetics.  He’s also known to lead a student evangelism conference now and again.
  • I’ve enjoyed Chris Brooks’ insight as an urban youth worker and appreciate his heart for the least, the last and the lost.
  • Crummy Church Signs just makes me want to laugh out loud.
  • Stand to Reason has an awesome apologetics blog which God has used to sharpen me.
  • Then last, but not least is Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost.  Great blog with great insight into politics and culture.

I could share more, but I’ll keep it to this list for know.  I hope you take time to check these excellent blogs out.

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Update 3/11/08 – It would seem that those who care about the blog’s name prefer Caffeinated Thoughts, so the blog’s name is now officially changed.  The content won’t change much, but I hope you enjoy “stimulating musings from a Jesus-loving caffeine addict.

Hey I would really like comments from those who read my blog on a regular basis.  The blog I moved from was called Caffeinated Thoughts.  I decided to change that and just use my name.  I’ve had a couple ask why didn’t I leave the name as Caffeinated Thoughts.  They really liked it.

So I want to throw it out to you… should I change the name of this blog to Caffeinated Thoughts?

Please comment and watch democracy in action, and I promise you that unlike the Washington GOP I will count every vote.

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Mike Huckabee said this afternoon at the Huckabee Blogger’s Bash, “Bloggers are our secret weapon.”  He said that the campaign could not be where it is today without blogging and other new media.  Bloggers have been able to counter negative attacks and press with facts.  The cool thing when he is elected is that he said he will host a blogger’s bash at the White House.  Got a few hurdles to go before that though!

Chuck Norris said that is was bloggers who introduced him to Mike Huckabee crediting the Harris Brothers specifically for e-mailing him and encouraging him to check Huckabee out.  That led later on to his endorsement of Mike Huckabee.

I also sat at the same table as Kevin Tracy, and had a chance to meet him (he is one of my regular blog reads).  So that was fun.  This was my fourth Huckabee event, and I haven’t had the chance to actually meet him.  Well that changed today because he did a bloggers’ conference call and sat next to me to do that.  So I got to introduce myself and get the best seat in the house to listen to the call.

Some pictures:

Bloggers for Huckabee 001


We had a chance to see the new Huckabee Iowa Headquarters.  The gentleman in the leather jacket is a blogger who came from England.  I was only one of three Iowa bloggers.



Bloggers for Huckabee 002


I felt a little out of place not bringing my laptop, but oh well.  That is Kevin Tracy liveblogging the event.




Bloggers for Huckabee 009


Governor Huckabee coming into the room we were in at the Marriott Hotel.




Bloggers for Huckabee 013


Huck and Chuck answering question from bloggers.  The regular media were there, but only we could ask questions.  Cool!  I was interviewed by a vlogger with Politico, and had a CBS guy next to me.  A ton of media were there.  Downtown Des Moines is becoming a press zoo.


Bloggers for Huckabee 021




Governor Huckabee participating in the national blogger’s conference call.  He later put in on speaker phone so we could hear the questions being asked.


Bloggers for Huckabee 025




Chuck Norris answering some questions from the press (after the meeting).  He had to run out or I would have gotten a picture with him.

Updated – (1/2/07 at 1:23am – should be in bed) – I ran across this post from Nic Shaykos who was sitting at the same table as me.  I unfortunately didn’t get a chance talk with him though.

2nd Update – (1/2/07 at 1:39am, really, really should be going to bed) – Video on Politico from Blogger Bash.  The guy who does Playbook TV is the one who interviewed me.  If I show up I’ll be sure to put it on… unless I look stupid, which is entirely possible.

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